✓ Support material using dual extrusion ✓ Water-soluble ✓ Good bonding with PLA

FELIX PVA is an excellent support material for dual extrusion. The filament bonds well to PLA and is quickly soluble in water. Manually removing PLA support material is no longer necessary and you can just soak the object in water. Our PVA is easy to print and has a high tensile strength. PVA is non-toxic and biodegradable once dissolved in water. PVA enables you to print very difficult objects which were otherwise not possible to print. We’ve completed endurance tests on all of our filament, with prints lasting 60 hours or more.

PVA Storage and usage advice

PVA requires some delicate handling during usage and storage. To read more about how to handle PVA, see the ‘Features’ and ‘Tech Specs’ section below.

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